ParenthoodWe believe parents need support and encouragement through this process.

Many people say that when a person has a child “ it changes your life”. We feel that is a blanket statement that does not truly capture this experience.  Having a child changes everything. When I say everything I mean the little to big details of your every day, week, month, and year of life.  By becoming a parent you join a group of people that know a new level of responsibility and selflessness. And this level of responsibility is demanding and constant. It no longer matters if you are tired, hungry, or would like a nap. The new gift in your life needs you NOW. We believe that each parent needs support and encouragement through this parenting process.

Dads- Fathers and Mothers have vastly different experiences of parenthood. Both have their own hardships and misconceptions. Men are expected to instantly step into this new role of Fatherhood…. it’s not that easy or a smooth transition. There is a huge learning curve for both men and women to become mothers and fathers. There are many stressful days and long nights that earn you the title of Father and Mother. You will learn a great deal about yourself, your spouse or partner, your fears, insecurities, outlook on the future and much more. This role change is a paradigm shift in the deepest sense of the term. That is what is meant by “becoming a parent is life changing”. We are here to help you through this transition and offer support, feedback, and encouragement. We have been through this process ourselves and know how difficult it can be.